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Training System Development
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What We Do

We help organizations and their leaders assess what’s working, what isn’t, and why. We help design, plan, and deploy effective strategies to achieve an organization’s goals and to support its initiatives through strategic and operational planning, program development, process consultation, and capacity building.

Child welfare work is complex and fraught with challenges and dilemmas. Organizations can become overwhelmed by heavy workloads and the instability of constant change. 
The following components form the core of our work:

  • We form partnerships with managers and staff in client organizations and work collaboratively in all facets of their work.

  • We involve the organization in completing a structured assessment of its vision and mission, needs, strengths, opportunities, and obstacles preventing the organization from achieving its goals.

  • We help identify clear and manageable objectives and action strategies, formalizing them into both strategic and operational plans.

  • We build the capacity of an organization’s managers and staff through competency-based in-service training, coaching, and other learning strategies to ensure that newly learned skills transfer to the job.

  • We help organizations establish ongoing data collection and evaluation methods to promote continuous quality improvement.

  • When requested, we can stay involved through reassessment, monitoring, and troubleshooting, both to constructively shape the work and to ensure its sustainability over time.

Our Process

IHS uses a process consultation model in all its work

Process consultation is based on the assumption that challenges in organizations can be met more effectively if managers and staff acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills to direct their own change initiatives. Consultants apply their expertise to help find and implement the best solutions. 

In process consultation, the consultant does the work “with” the client – not “to” the client. Engaging organizations to participate with consultants, from diagnostics through implementation, empowers them to discover and implement effective solutions themselves, and also helps to sustain changes. (Schein, 1987).

Our Key Services Include:

Organizational Development graphic


Deploying multiple strategies to set strong foundations to meet the goals of your organization.  

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Stimulating and supporting practice change by engaging the  “right people” to participate in the “right training” at the “right time."

International Child Welfare graphic


Helping countries develop family-based alternatives to the institutionalization of homeless and vulnerable children, through stronger community support and prevention services, and family-based alternative care.

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Working in collaboration with other child and family advocacy organizations to identify the most critical issues and dilemmas facing the child welfare/child maltreatment field today.

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