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Training System Development

Does your organization need strategies to promote transfer of learning and stimulate and support practice change?

A well-trained staff is essential to achieving best practice in any organization. Our Comprehensive, Competency-Based In-Service Training (CCBIT) model provides everyone in an organization with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure best practice. CCBIT engages the “right people” to participate in the “right training” at the “right time” to stimulate and support practice change.

CCBIT relies on time-tested methods of competency development, training needs assessment, curriculum development, trainer preparation, and training evaluation. We deploy a variety of on-site and virtual learning options, such as workshops, self-directed learning, coaching, seminars, and strategies to promote transfer of learning to the job. 

Training Needs Assessment

Our system of individual training needs assessment (ITNA) enables us to identify the highest priority training needs in a service system and ensures individuals get to the right training, at the right level, at the right time.

Transfer of Learning

We use multiple strategies to ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired by learners through training are actually used in their day-to-day work.

Curriculum Development

Our approach to curriculum development is competency-based and incorporates a variety of training methodologies, including classroom, learning labs, guided application and practice, coaching, and tools for just-in-time learning.

Direct Training

We provide competency-based training for managers, supervisors, caseworkers, caregivers, and adoptive parents in child welfare and protection.  Training topics range from foundational to highly specialized.

Coaching for Skill Development

One-on-one feedback and support from a coach is necessary for learners to develop proficiency in newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Training Evaluation

We integrate evaluation into all aspects of our work, both to ensure continuous quality improvement, and to identify training system outcomes.

Trainer Development

We identify content experts with solid child welfare practice experience and hone their training skills through a comprehensive trainer development program. 

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