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This lab will give participants hands-on approaches to use to help clients work through a variety of trauma issues.

 5.5 Psychologist and Social Work CE Credits are available for $35

Course Overview

Our world is hazardous. And our kids often get caught in the cross-fire. Whether the crisis is a terrorist act, or as individual as a parent dying, this lab will give hands-on approaches participants can use to help clients work through trauma issues. Sometimes, as much as we try, words in session, words spoken in care, often seem to fall on deaf ears.  Or sometimes the opposite is true; words spoken trigger such strong emotions, the client starts to relive the trauma.


Trauma Lab is designed to help you develop Learning Bridges—hands-on practical approaches that can be used in clinical and non-clinical settings to help children and youth to process their trauma without the use of a lot of words.  For example, hand them a pencil and ask them to break it. The client maybe able to relate their trauma experiences to the very real, tangible broken pencil. At that point they may be better able to process the effects of trauma in their life.  End that same session with a broken pencil by having them write or draw something and help them see that trauma does not ruin everything.


This intermediate level training is appropriate for counselors, social workers, psychologists, other helping professionals, and foster caregivers working with children and youth who have experienced life-altering traumatic events. Participants will acquire helpful tools to better support the healing journey for those who have been traumatized.


One Minute Overview

In this training you will be able to...

Identify practical strategies for guiding children and youth through their trauma issues.

Develop skills to work through quiet and/or resistant youth.

Explore how to move beyond dialogue by using active learning techniques with traumatized children and youth.


Jim Still-Pepper, MA, LSW

Jim is the Director of Community Based Clinical Services at Allwell Behavioral Health Services Inc., a community mental health center where he has worked for over 3 decades striving to get clinical services out of the centers, and into the community.


Jim is the founder of Still Light Seminars LLC, a motivational training and consulting company; he has trained nationally and internationally focusing on the mental health, and care of, children and adolescents.


He is also an adjunct instructor in Ashland University’s Founders School of Continuing Education. He develops online courses around behavioral interventions and understanding the mental health of students.


Jim has also authored or co-authored 7 books and has written almost 100 articles. On a side note, he has had numerous poems published, and his artwork and photography have appeared in galleries, magazines, and on greeting cards. 

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