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Administrative Assistant

Throughout her career, Venitra has contributed her administrative skills to various child and family-serving organizations in the central Ohio area, including the YMCA and Moms2B.   She has assisted families with everything from literacy and budgetary challenges to the importance of good prenatal care.  Now, as one of the Institute for Human Services’ Administrative Assistants, Venitra enjoys the variety of administrative and customer service tasks that she encounters each day. 
Since she began in 2018, Venitra has worn many hats, evidence of her enjoyment in learning new skills and solving varied challenges that arise.  Her administrative experience has enabled her to support IHS’ Child Policy Center in not only coordinating various meetings, and assisting with small research projects, but also taking meeting minutes for monthly Board and Committee meetings.  Her customer service skills always shine as she also helps run the front desk with a smile on her face.
Venitra is also a spokesperson and advocate for Uncaged, a non-profit committed to breaking the barriers between families, their children and education by providing access to books.        
In her free time, Venitra enjoys dogs, walking, and riding bikes on trails with her family. 

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