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The Global and Medical Impact of Child Abuse

In recognition of Brain Injury Awareness Month, let's highlight the global impact of addressing child abuse as a medical issue.

Around the world, child abuse is acknowledged as a significant medical concern. Medical professionals must possess the necessary skills to accurately identify and respond to cases of child abuse.

In 2017, the International non-governmental organization "International Leadership and Development Center (ILDC)," based in Kyiv, Ukraine in collaboration with Ombudsmen for Children's Rights and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, initiated the project "Childhood without Abuse: the role of medical specialists in child abuse cases identification and reaction system."

The project's objective is to enhance the effectiveness of identifying child abuse cases by equipping medical specialists with the requisite skills.

The Institute for Human Services (IHS) played a pivotal role in training Ukrainian medical professionals on abuse prevention and identification and introducing Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention in Ukraine. This was accomplished by educating the ILDC team and their partners via Study Tours and online meetings, and by connecting ILDC with pediatricians in the US with decades of experience working with children who survived abuse.  Dr. Lori Frasier and Dr. Vincent J. Palusci conducted conferences for the doctors and developed a specialized curriculum.

The outcomes were remarkable: over 100 doctors attended the conferences, 21 became trainers of the curriculum on the role of medical workers in child abuse prevention and identification and approximately 1,500 doctors across Ukraine received training.

Continuing this work, an informational campaign was launched to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome, alongside the development of accessible informational materials for parents nationwide in Ukraine. These efforts aim to educate more parents about the dangers of shaken baby syndrome and build on our ongoing commitment to this vital cause.

IHS's international impact underscores our mission to enhance the well-being of vulnerable children and families worldwide. Through initiatives like the project in Ukraine addressing child abuse, we collaborate to empower medical professionals, raise awareness, and implement preventive measures. Our efforts exemplify the transformative power of collective action in creating safer environments for children globally. Together, we work towards a world where all children can thrive.

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