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Daria Palatna, PhD, MSW

Program Manager - Child Maltreatment Policy Resource Center 

Daria has spent her professional career working to improve the lives of vulnerable, at-risk, and maltreated children and families, and building the capacity of the organizations that serve them. She now serves as the Program Manager for Child Policy.  


After providing case management, family support, and placement of children in a child protection agency in Kyiv, Ukraine for three years, she became Program Director for the International Leadership and Development Center (ILDC), a non-governmental organization in Kyiv, co-founded in 2007 by the Institute for Human Services.  The goal of ILDC was to strengthen the capacity of governmental and non-governmental organizations and staff that serve vulnerable and maltreated children and their families, through competency-based inservice training, strategic planning, policy development, program development, and advocacy. 


Daria has a broad range of experience in group facilitation, strategic planning, program coordination and oversight, and providing consultation and technical assistance to NGOs and governmental entities.  She has developed competency-based inservice training programs and curricula and orchestrated their implementation throughout Ukraine.  She has trained and facilitated work teams and strengthened interagency partnerships, and advocated for strategic policy and practice changes at national, regional, and local government levels through ongoing collaborations with ministry and government officials at all levels. 


Daria has a Doctorate degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Social Psychology from Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv. She has an additional certification from the Kyiv Intersectoral Institute of Advanced Training.  


Daria lives in Columbus with her husband Alex and dog Jiji.  In her free time, she enjoys long walks with her dog and singing for the Harmony Project community choir.  She also enjoys watching movies, especially Marvel movies,  and baking cookies. 

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