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Senior Policy Analyst | Consultant

Dr. Herczog has been working with IHS since 2018 as a Senior Policy Analyst and Consultant and has been participating in the development of the international programs. She brings to IHS over three decades’ experience as a researcher, educator, trainer, curriculum developer, and author of several books and over 100 journal articles in child welfare and protection. Her main areas of research include family policy, child protection, child rights, and conflict resolution.
Since the early 80’s, Mari’s university and vocational training experience have included teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in family sociology, child welfare and protection, family policy, child rights, and mediation. She has also been tutoring PhD students for many years.
Mari is a founding member of Family, Child, Youth Association (1993) in Hungary, and a chairperson of it since 2015. She is also the former President of Eurochild, the largest European network of organizations on child rights and child welfare.
She has given keynote addresses and workshops worldwide. Mari was a member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child for eight years and a rapporteur for two. Mari has served as a temporary scientific expert for the Council of Europe, UNICEF, WHO and managed numerous European Union, and other grant funded, research and projects. She possesses a breadth of experience in program and training adaptation, and she has been working in various countries on child welfare and protection reforms, and in capacity building roles.
In 2018, she was elected as a member, and subsequently, in 2019 as the President of the Executive Committee of Child Rights Connect, the NGO supporting the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Mari is also serving as a board member for numerous international foundations including Hope and Homes for Children, IPAN, and Learning4Wellbeing.
In her free time, Mari enjoys spending time with her family (mostly online these days, with her children and grandchildren), reading, cooking, walking, playing tennis, and swimming with her husband and friends. 
Habilitation - University of Pécs (Hungary)
Doctorate in Sociology - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, (Hungary)
Master’s of Arts in Sociology - Karl Marx University for Economics (Hungary)
Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Teaching - Karl Marx University for Economics (Hungary)


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