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Senior Policy Analyst

Kelli has been with IHS for 14 years working in various capacities, and currently serves as Senior Policy Analyst at the Child Maltreatment Policy Resource Center, one of IHS’ initiatives created through its partnership with the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and the New York Foundling. In her role as Legal Counsel, she focuses on applied statutory analysis, policy analysis, and research on best practice on a multitude of child maltreatment related issues. She also performs case consultation and strategic organizational development for IHS and partner organizations.
As national and international trends explore more prevention-focused systems, Kelli has researched how to smoothly transition in this direction, without leaving some of the most at-risk children and families behind. Along those lines, she has also explored preventing the most severe types of child maltreatment, such as abusive head trauma, in order to make a truly comprehensive system of prevention more possible.
Kelli remains passionate about revising and reforming mandatory reporting laws to achieve more efficient and effective identification of potential cases of child maltreatment. Her goal is to effect systems change through improved legislation and strategic NGO program development. She is interested in how language influences action or inaction, particularly in areas related to child maltreatment, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomics. 
In her spare time, Kelli enjoys art, the outdoors, and pretending to be a storm chaser. She is an accomplished oil painter and has been represented by several galleries. Kelli also enjoys being a member of the Ohio Archaeological Society, playing basketball, and exploring new things.  
Juris Doctorate from The Ohio State Moritz College of Law
Bachelor’s in English Literature from Princeton University

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