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Welcome to the North American Resource Center for Child Welfare


The North American Resource Center for Child Welfare (NARCCW) is an umbrella organization of agencies working to achieve best practice in child welfare by providing professionals with the resources necessary to help children and families.

To this end, the NARCCW houses four collaborative agencies which include:  The Institute for Human Services, Center for Child Welfare Policy, Family Trust Clinic and TRAINet.

 IHS Takes Trauma Informed Care Training to South Africa, Botswana and Tajikistan

The need for Trauma Informed Care training is growing around the world, especially in developing countries.  Finding child welfare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to help at risk children and families while having access to the proper training materials to train others on the topic is often a challenge. The Institute for Human Services (IHS) has been instrumental in the development of evidence based training materials used by child welfare professionals all over the world and has been training child welfare practitioners and trainers since the organization began in 1977. 

Evidence has shown that one of the most effective methods to share knowledge is to conduct the needed training in person while training the trainer on site.  In order to do this, well designed and culturally specific training materials are needed, tailored for each country’s specific needs.  With the help of IHS and Training Coordinator, Kelly Gruber, Trauma Informed Care curricula, originally developed and written for parents and workers in Russia, is now being widely taught and used to build capacity in other countries.  Recently, IHS’ Trauma training materials were used to train child welfare professionals in Tajikistan, South Africa and Botswana.  IHS hopes to deliver this same training to India and Bangladesh in February and to Mongolia in March. 

The Institute for Human Services’ commitment to international child welfare is just one of the ways their staff hopes to help risk children and families worldwide.

 2013 Annual Report

As the current State Training Coordinator for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP), the Institute for Human Services facilitates all program activities, develops training curricula and other resources, and provides fiscal administration. View our annual report



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